AN/URT-3 Restoration Project - transmitter cabinet

Restoration Progress pages

RFA - RF amp

LLRM - 100w Modulator

RFO - Oscillator

            LVPS - Low Voltage power supply

MVPS - 100w HV power supply

Transmitter Cabinet

            HLRM - 500w modulator

HVPS - 500w HV power supply

Booster Cabinet

Acquired 3/19/2008 - a 500 watt, 136 tube, autotune HF AM/CW/FSK transmitter
page 1 - initial cleanup

Transmitter cabinet with side panels removed

p1010079.jpg (51321 bytes)
a few stains, overall good shape
p1010080.jpg (51290 bytes) p1010082.jpg (51817 bytes)
wiring channel on right side
p1010081.jpg (76456 bytes)
bottom terminal strip panel - dirty
p1010083.jpg (55729 bytes)
panel lifted - blower area looks OK
p1010084.jpg (76876 bytes)
panel removed for cleaning
p1010085.jpg (72664 bytes)
all reassembled and clean