Navy Communication Station Equipment - 1950's-60's

COMMSTA Building Plans and Equipment Layout 

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COMMSTA signal flow diagram
- from 1960 NAVSHIPS 92675

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1971 Technical Control block diagram
- from 1971 NAVELEX 0967-391-6010

Microwave Communication Control Links

For COMMSTA to Transmitter & Receiver Site Links

Message Center (Torn Tape Relay) Systems & Equipment

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Receiver Site Equipment


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Receiver Site AF/RF Signal Distribution Units - Photos and Info

Receiver Site RF Distribution Diagram

AN/FRA-3 Remotely Controlled RF Switching Group - manual
( 5 receiving positions, 40 antennas)

AN/FRQ-9 Receiver Site Monitoring Set
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frq9-spec-02.JPG (357649 bytes) Please let me know if you have a copy of the manual for sale or loan for me to scan --

1940's -RBB, RBC, RBP and RCP, RDM, REA

Skaggs Island CA 1945

Guam 1944 - RAO rcvrs - take a look at the follow-on pages

Wahiawa 1948
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Skaggs Island, 1945
skaggs_1945_11_big.jpg (74076 bytes) skaggs_1945_13_big.jpg (73111 bytes)
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RBP at Skaggs Island
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1950's - AN/FRR-24 and AN/FRR-28 and

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Triple diversity AN/FRR-24
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1959 - AN/FRR-28 systems at Kodiak
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AN/FRR-49 at Wahiawa  

1960's - AN/FRR-59 and R-390()/URR

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Salinas 1968 - AN/FRR-38 and AN/FRR-41 - AN/FRR-38 and AN/FRR-41 are R-390()-based diversity systems


R-390 rcvrs and URA-8A RTTY converters
Guam 1968 - R-390A receivers and 
AN/URA-8A RTTY converters
gitmo-frr59-1968.jpg (17760 bytes)
Guantanamo 1968 - AN/FRR-59 and R-390()  with AN/URA-8A RTTY converters - also AN/FRR-60 behind RM

1970's - AN/FRR-60 & R-1051

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AN/FRR-60 at Guam                    
  guam-r1051-01.jpg (74444 bytes)
R-1051/URR at Guam

1974 List of equipment used at Receiver sites

  • The primary HF rcvrs were the AN/FRR-60 and R-1051/URR
    (with a few older R-390 and FRR-59 rcvrs still around)
  • A few WRR-3 and BRR-3 LF/VLF rcvrs were in use
  • The URA-17 was the main RTTY converter

Transmitter Site Equipment


AN/FRQ-3 Transmitter Site Control-Monitor Group - manual
    - info and photos

Buskin Lake 1955
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Barrigada 1960's
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1940's - TAB, TAW, TBA, TBC, TCK, TDH, TDN 
(need info)

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TBC - 40-50 kw, water-cooled
Guam - lots of photos

Martin Pena PR Transmitters - 1950's

Martin Pena, Puerto Rico
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1950's - TEB, TEC, TEF, AN/FRT-5, AN/FRT-6, AN/FRT-18 

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 Guam - lots of photos


1960's - AN/FRT-39 & AN/FRT-40

Click here for excellent photos of NAVRADSTA(T) Bouknadel 1970 (thanks to Darian Paganelli)
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frt-39-02.jpg (246632 bytes)
AN/FRT-39 at Annapolis
(photo from TMC vintage radio web site)
londonderry_frt-39_3.jpg (766882 bytes)
AN/FRT-39 at Londonderry 
RadioBarrigada08-vi.jpg (57524 bytes)
AN/FRT-40 at Guam

1970's -  FRT-83/84/85/86

AN/FRT-85 (51702 bytes)
AN/FRT-85 at Guam

1974 List of Equipment used at Transmitter  sites

  • Primary HF transmitters were AN/FRT-39 and AN/FRT-40 with some AN/FRT-83, AN/FRT-84 

Other COMMSTA Equipment

Radio Teletype (RATT or RTTY) Equipment 
- Click Here


Teletype Equipment - Click Here

-                       AN/UGC-6 teletype units
Message processing - Guam