World War II Navy Radio
Remote Control
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Transmitters and receivers can be remote controlled from numerous locations on a ship.  Provisions are made to start and stop, key, and modulate transmitters.  Receivers can be monitored, and local control of audio level is provided. 
The TBS sets had their own dedicated system of remote controls, but all the other transmitters could be patched to remote operating positions for CW or remote radiophone units.  For example, inside the armored conning tower on the MASSACHUSETTS there are three operating positions for CW, a TBS remote, and a remote radiophone unit.
The receive antenna patch panel allows antennas to be patched between Radio I, II, and III, as well as signals from the frequency meters.  To tune a transmitter to the frequency selected on the frequency meter, the signal from the master oscillator is patched to the frequency meter.  The audio output from the frequency meter is patched to a jack on the front panel of the transmitter, where the radioman can hear the beat note between the meter and the master oscillator.
To set up a transmitter for remote CW use, only the Transmitter Transfer patch needs to be used.  For radiophone use, both the Transmitter Transfer and Radiotelephone Transfer patches must be made.  The diagram pictured here shows 6-wire controls (which use push-button switches).  The MASSACHUSETTS runs 4-wire controls with toggle switches.

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