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Antenna  Components

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Antenna Installation Info - from 1963 EIMB
Antenna Trunk Installation Info - from 1963 EIMB

    Chapter 2 Installation Methods (with change 1 appended) - download pdf
    Chapter 3 Multicouplers - download pdf
    Chapter 6 Antenna Systems - download pdf
    Chapter 8 Installation Bibliography - download pdf
NAVSHIPS 900,121 SHIPBOARD ANTENNA DETAILS (1946, wire antennas only) - download pdf

Shipboard Wire Antenna Installation
ant-wire-01.JPG (58923 bytes)

Shipboard Receiving Antenna Transmission Line Connections - pdf of 5 drawings

Receiving Antenna Installation Detail
rcv-wire-01.JPG (119085 bytes)
Antenna Trunk
ant-trunk-02.JPG (87235 bytes)
Antenna Trunk Detail
ant-trunk-01.JPG (165562 bytes)
Shipboard Wire Antenna installation
ant-11.JPG (46454 bytes)
Shipboard Wire Antenna hardware
ant-12.JPG (96749 bytes)
Cylindrical trunks and insulators 
- USS North Carolina
trunk-075.JPG (387159 bytes)

Wire Antenna & Trunk Hardware

MX-407B/U end seal  (coaxial cable termination) NT-91836 mx407b-u.JPG (17792 bytes) about 8.5" long

used to connect RG-18/U, RG-218/U, RG-220/U coax to antenna tuning and matching network enclosures

MX-1460/U end seal  (coaxial cable termination) need photo used to connect RG-18/U coax to antennas. -
MX-1461/U end seal  (coaxial cable termination) NT-92180 mx1461-u-01.JPG (4960 bytes) about 6" long

used to connect RG-10/U, RG-213/U coax to antenna tuning and matching network enclosures

NT-10658A antenna wire turnbuckle

CBEP-10658A - used to feed antenna wire - Fiege connector clamps wire rope

turnbuckle-10658a-1907-01.jpg (179462 bytes) turnbuckle-10658a-1907-02.jpg (184659 bytes) nt-10658A.JPG (74553 bytes)
NT-24206 Antenna Disconnect Switch

Powercraft Corp. CYP-24206

SPDT, 200 amps @ 7500v
"closed" or "grounded"
cvp24206-switch-01.JPG (18460 bytes)
cvp24206-switch-02.JPG (10741 bytes) ==
NT-24223 Antenna Disconnect Switch
Powercraft Corp. CYP-24206

ant-sw-24223-1708-03.jpg (282890 bytes)

SPDT, 100 amps @ 2500v
"closed" or "grounded"
ant-sw-cyp24223-1304-02.JPG (131955 bytes)
ant-sw-24223-1708-04.jpg (445353 bytes) ant-sw-cyp24223-1304-03.JPG (103494 bytes)
ant-sw-24223-1708-02.jpg (255992 bytes) antswitch-24223-1309-01.JPG (108352 bytes) antswitch-24223-1309-02.JPG (279490 bytes) antswitch-24223-1309-03.JPG (174665 bytes)
ant-sw-24223-1708-01.jpg (356263 bytes) ant_switch-24223-1407-01.jpg (282838 bytes) ant_switch-24223-1407-02.jpg (305621 bytes) ant_switch-24223-1407-03.jpg (233434 bytes)
ant-sw-24223-1504-01.JPG (173831 bytes) ant-sw-24223-1504-02.JPG (266143 bytes) ant-sw-24223-1504-03.JPG (231068 bytes) ant-sw-24223-1504-04.JPG (286249 bytes)
NT-24270 Antenna Disconnect Switch

Powercraft Corp. CYP-24270



used in 9"x11" antenna trunk

SP3T, 200 amps @ 15kv
"ground", "closed", or "open"

nt24270-01.JPG (140269 bytes)

antswitch-24270-01.JPG (977443 bytes) antswitch-24270-06.JPG (959506 bytes)
antswitch-24270-02.JPG (950597 bytes) antswitch-24270-03.JPG (927033 bytes) antswitch-24270-04.JPG (993636 bytes) antswitch-24270-05.JPG (988402 bytes)
NT-24894 Coaxial Line Antenna Transfer Switch


ant-sw-24894-01.JPG (64685 bytes) ant-sw-24894-02.JPG (31278 bytes) ant-sw-24894-03.JPG (67657 bytes)

Note: Insulator nomenclature changed: e.g. NT-61335 (1940's) became IL-18/U (1960's), then became NL222B31-203 (1970's)

NT-61019 outside entrance insulator (ceramic bowl is NT-61234)


nt61019-01.JPG (213102 bytes)

nt61019C-92.jpg (15783 bytes)

manuf CAL-61019 & CBJ-61019

used to connect antenna lead-in to antenna trunk. Also used as trunk bulkhead feed-through

nt61019C-96.jpg (47069 bytes)

insul-61019-1812-01.jpg (295707 bytes)

insul-61019-1812-02.jpg (379816 bytes)

NT-61??? 61019-insul.jpg (19456 bytes) used to feed antenna trunk center conductor through bulkhead?

2.5" tall, mounts in 2.75" hole
5/16-18 threaded conductor


NT-61174 pedestal standoff insulator nt61174b.JPG (16780 bytes)   3.3" tall

used to stand off center conductor in antenna trunk

manuf Lapp CBO-61174B

insul-61174B-1806.jpg (187720 bytes)
NT-61175 pedestal standoff insulator nt61175a-01.JPG (25064 bytes) used to stand off center conductor in 6"x8" antenna trunk
see trunk drawing above

manuf Lapp CBO-61175A

61175-10.jpg (125348 bytes)

Also used for whip antenna standoff in PT Boats

insul-pt305-01.jpg (1210693 bytes)

NT-61180 pedestal standoff insulator nt61180b-01.JPG (29402 bytes) used to stand off center conductor in antenna trunk
see trunk drawing above
manuf National Porcelain CPP-61180B
NT-61192 strain insulator insulator-61192-1806.jpg (212454 bytes) Manuf CSJ-61192  
NT-61276 antenna base insulator nt61276-01.JPG (249327 bytes) whip antenna base - need more info -
NT-61335 antenna base insulator
- same as IL-18/U
- same as NL222B31-203
Spare aboard USS North Carolina
DSCF0290.JPG (510106 bytes)
whip antenna base - need more info

3-33.jpg (25079 bytes)

NT-61338 standoff insulator need photo
see drawing above
used to stand off center conductor in 18"x20" antenna trunk
see trunk drawing above
NT-61339 pedestal standoff insulator nt61339-01.JPG (23760 bytes)
not sure of part number
used to stand off center conductor in 9"x11" antenna trunk
see trunk drawing above
NT-61350 antenna base insulator
- same as IL-19/U
- same as NL222B32-240
need photo - See NT-61335 above whip antenna base - need more info -
NT-61455  61455-01.jpg (133195 bytes)  purpose?
61455-02.jpg (128341 bytes)
 manuf CMP-61455
NT-61475 outside entrance insulator

nt61475-01.JPG (301653 bytes)
used to connect transmitting antenna lead-in to antenna trunk - see trunk drawing above - (ceramic bowl  is NT-61476)

p1010008.jpg (196484 bytes)
USS Slater - trunk and insulators
Note - red paint indicates transmitting antenna
insul-61475-1308-1.JPG (461738 bytes) manuf CBJ-61475

insul-61475-1308-5.JPG (634444 bytes)

insul-61475-1308-2.JPG (467024 bytes) insul-61475-1308-3.JPG (465219 bytes) insul-61475-1308-4.JPG (642585 bytes)
NT-61479 strain insulator nt-61479.jpg (16321 bytes) 5" ceramic- overall about 10" long manuf CBJ-61479
NT-61481 strain insulator as above 10" ceramic - overall about 15" long NL422B71-112
NT-61493 strain insulator as above 20" ceramic - overall about 25" long NL422B71-207
NT-61494 strain insulator as above 15" ceramic - overall about 20" long NL422B71-167
NT-62111 end seal (coaxial cable termination) 62111-01.jpg (147516 bytes)  62111-02.jpg (134053 bytes) -
NT-62119 end seal (coaxial cable termination) 62119-01.jpg (115281 bytes)  62119-02.jpg (72514 bytes) -
NT-90835 antenna mount feed-through insulator 90835-insul.jpg (22014 bytes) 5.75" diameter
7/8" x 3.5" antenna mount
9/16" threaded connector
NT-91836 end seal
see MX-407B/U above
see MX-407B/U above - -
NT-92180 end seal
see MX-1461/U above
see MX-1461/U above - -

Receiving Antenna Matching Transformers

CU-836/U matching transformer

cu836-1312-01.jpg (193562 bytes)

cu836-u-01.jpg (73447 bytes) For receiving antenna use - connecting to feedline or rhombic antennas
2-32 mc
matches 600 or 200 ohms to 70 ohm coax feed

TMC model RAC-32
TMC spec sheet


cu836-u-04.jpg (56285 bytes)

cu836-1312-02.jpg (110117 bytes) cu836-u-02.jpg (66456 bytes) cu836-u-03.jpg (52722 bytes) cu836-1312-03.jpg (259858 bytes)
NT-471138 matching transformer

rw471138-03.JPG (252204 bytes)

rw471138-11.JPG (109994 bytes) For receiving antenna use - connecting to feedline or rhombic antennas
3-22 mc
matches 700 or 250 ohms to 70 ohm coax feed

Similar to CU-128B/U except different transformer shielding and mount

manuf Washington Naval Gun Factory RW-471138

rw471138-16.JPG (100380 bytes)

rw471138-13.JPG (148475 bytes) rw471138-15.JPG (165365 bytes)
coax input terminal 2, ground terminal G
rw471138-14.JPG (180931 bytes)
250 ohm output terminals 4-7
700 ohm output terminals 3-8

Transmitting Antenna Matching Transformers


Spec sheets 

tmc-trc500-01.jpg (20551 bytes)

500 watt, 72 ohm to 600 ohm
2-30 mc

tmc-trc500-02.jpg (19679 bytes)

tmc-trc500-03.jpg (22032 bytes) tmc-trc500-04.jpg (20488 bytes)

TMC TRC-3500 - similar to CU-729/URT (50 ohm, 3500w) & CU-1076/URT (72 ohm, 3500w)

tmc-3500-cplr-91.jpg (21415 bytes)

tmc-3500-cplr-94.jpg (17528 bytes)

tmc-3500-cplr-95.jpg (9114 bytes)

3500 watt, 50 ohm to 600 ohm
2-30 mc

tmc-3500-cplr-92.jpg (17329 bytes)

tmc-3500-cplr-93.jpg (14140 bytes)

Transmitting Antenna Terminators for Rhombics and Vee Beams

TMC TER-500 - 600 ohm, 500w

Specs Sheets

TER500_1.jpg (144665 bytes)

TER500_2.jpg (456413 bytes)