T-827/URT Equipment Model Differences

AN/URT-23(V) NAVELEX 0967-LP-879-5010
ITEM T-827/URT T-827B/URT T-827D/URT T-827E/URT
Tuning increments 500Hz 100Hz 100Hz 100Hz
KCS controls Incorporate stops Incorporate stops Stops not incorporated Incorporate stops
Mode Selector Assembly A2A1 Interchangeable with T-827B and T-827D Interchangeable with T-827 and T-827D Interchangeable with T-827 and T-827B See Note 1
Translator/ Synthesizer Assembly A2A6 Not interchangeable Interchangeable with T-827D Interchangeable with T-827B See Note 2
RF Amplifier Assembly A2A4 Not Interchangeable See Note 3 See Note 3 See Note 3
Antenna Coupler ground pulse actuated MCS switches, 100 KCS switch MCS switches, 100 KCS switch MCS switches, 100, 10 and 1 KCS switch MCS switches, 100, 10 and 1 KCS switch
Front panel lamps can be changed from front No No Yes No
Chassis may be tilted 90 degrees when extended No No Yes No


t827b-2007.jpg (717219 bytes) NOTE: This transmitter has a T-827B badge but looks like a T-827 with 500 Hz tuning increment.

T-827A/URT - version manufactured by Elmer in Italy for NATO - manual

100 Hz tuning

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t827b-1904-04.jpg (464725 bytes) t827b-2003-01.jpg (322806 bytes) == ==


Here is a tag that says "modified to T-827E"
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t827g-w8ut-01.jpg (86952 bytes) t827g-w8ut-02.jpg (126152 bytes) t827g-w8ut-03.jpg (154298 bytes) ==

T-827H/URT - need photos

Manual - Table of Contents
Chapter 3 Functional Description
Chapter 5 Troubleshooting & Schematics
Chapter 6 Corrective Maintenance


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