Harris RF-350K system - AN/URC-119(V)
- Hamfest acquisition November 2021

System Operator's Reference Card  
System Fault Reference Card 
RT-1446/URC Organizational Maintenance Manual 
RT-1446/URC Depot Maintenance Manual

RF-350K Transceiver - RT-1446/URC

Home from the hamfest
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IMG_7363.JPG (3622527 bytes) IMG_7734.JPG (3311169 bytes) IMG_7739.JPG (2954092 bytes)
img_7535.jpg (5885488 bytes) img_7531.jpg (5997483 bytes)
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img_7536.jpg (6408092 bytes) img_7537.jpg (6461790 bytes) IMG_7554.JPG (4525291 bytes) IMG_7555.JPG (4312925 bytes)
13.6vdc power supply for RF-350K IMG_7469.JPG (5045464 bytes) IMG_7472.JPG (5350052 bytes) IMG_7481.JPG (5801910 bytes)

1kw RF-353 amplifier - AM-7224/URC

IMG_7674.JPG (2583550 bytes) Busted bandswitch shaft
IMG_7675.JPG (3134508 bytes)
Microprocessor board, power control board, front panel board
IMG_7677.JPG (3583832 bytes)
IMG_7679.JPG (2932189 bytes)
"Debugging" power amp tube module
IMG_7682.JPG (2694857 bytes)
IMG_7683.JPG (2816209 bytes) After replacing bandswitch
IMG_7736.JPG (3631929 bytes)
In operation
IMG_7738.JPG (3525584 bytes)

RF-354 power supply for amp - PP-7913/URC

I used a "come-along" winch to haul it up a ramp on the back steps
IMG_7697.JPG (5525678 bytes)
Then slid it up ramp onto a dolly
IMG_7700.JPG (3840827 bytes)
IMG_7701.JPG (2991393 bytes) Then transferred it to a lift table
IMG_7703.JPG (3008153 bytes)
IMG_7704.JPG (5364949 bytes) IMG_7705.JPG (3704057 bytes) IMG_7706.JPG (3294023 bytes) IMG_7707.JPG (5424186 bytes)
IMG_7708.JPG (2962176 bytes) IMG_7709.JPG (5070179 bytes) Interior - Front view
IMG_7710.JPG (3610362 bytes)
Interior - Rear view
IMG_7718.JPG (4427045 bytes)

Ready for TEST - after repairing the exciter bandswitch relays and replacing about 70 tantalum capacitors...

IMG_7737.JPG (3081655 bytes)

IMG_7724.JPG (4739834 bytes)

Yay! - it all works now
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urc119-front-2301.jpg (2543022 bytes) urc119-rear-1098.jpg (794605 bytes)

I used this regularly for RATT and voice for about 2 years with one more tantalum capacitor failure (I guess I didn't get them all)
In Dec 2023 I finally got an NOS AFSK assembly to install

Before install
AFSK_3814.JPG (6569041 bytes)
Flip up the tray
AFSK_3815.JPG (5342713 bytes)
install AFSK assembly (plate with two boards)
AFSK_3816.JPG (5836679 bytes)
Plug in ribbon cables
AFSK_3818.JPG (5373450 bytes)
Attach co-ax cables on upper side
AFSK_3819.JPG (6196724 bytes)
READY - for power-on test

RESULT - lots of smoke!

NEXT STEP - remove and replace all these tantalum caps too. I gambled and lost.....I hate tantalum caps...

AFSK_3820.JPG (5214940 bytes)
flaming capacitor area
AFSK_3821.JPG (5047492 bytes)