US Navy Transmitter Test Equipment 

Spectrum Analyzer Equipment

AN/GRM-33 Single Sideband Analyzer Set (TMC PTE)

tmc-pte-01.JPG (222802 bytes)

Commonly used in transmitter sites -
TMC Model PTE, -1, -2, -3, -4


  • AN/URM-116 Spectrum Analyzer
  • O-330/FR Master Oscillator (TMC VOX)
  • O-579/URT Two-tone generator
    (TMC TTG)
tmc-pte-02.JPG (135087 bytes) manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

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AN/URM-135A Spectrum Analyzer Set
urm135a-1304-01.jpg (271332 bytes)

Similar to AN/GRM-33
2-40 mc center freq.
150cps-14kc sweep width

. Includes:

  • TS-1456A/URM-135 analyzer
  • SG-404/UR 2-40 mc tuner
  • SG-403/URT two-tone AF generator
Analyzer is Panoramic SB-12b Download SB-12b manual from BAMA

Please let me know if you have a manual for the complete URM-135A or any of the other components

AN/USM-324 Spectrum Analyzer Set
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Similar to AN/URM-135A
100cps-40 mc center freq.
150cps-14kc sweep width
  • TS-2884/U Spectrum Analyzer
  • TN-523/U 2-40 mc tuner
  • CV-2633/U converter (100 cps-2mc)
  • SG-864/U  two-tone AF/RF generator

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usm324-1402-04.jpg (42164 bytes)

System manual - NAVSHIPS 0967-876-5010

See individual component manuals for schematics, parts, etc.

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usm324-1402-06.jpg (63936 bytes)

usm324-1402-01.jpg (76961 bytes)  

usm324-1402-12.jpg (71874 bytes)

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TS-1379/U Spectrum Analyzer
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interior view

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manuf by Intercontinental Instruments

equip. available from

Manual available from -
(NOT the same as TS-1379A/U manual)

   100cps-2mc with CV-2353/U or CV-2353A/U
Sweep Width

manual NAVSHIPS 0969-246-4010

TS-1379A/U Spectrum Analyzer
ts1379-1201.jpg (67185 bytes)

functionally equivalent to TS-1379/U but quite different design and construction

ts1379-1203.jpg (68925 bytes)

manuf by Jetronics

ts1379-1202.jpg (69257 bytes)

ts1379-1206.jpg (114652 bytes)
ts1379-1207.jpg (16710 bytes) ts1379-1204.jpg (68051 bytes) ts1379-1205.jpg (62827 bytes)

ts1379a-1305-03.jpg (49659 bytes)

   100cps-2mc with CV-2353A/U
Sweep Width
Manual- NAVSHIPS 0969-094-3010
- download here

WANTED - board A4 or A6 for TS-1379A -  Please help!

ts1379-a4-02.JPG (17392 bytes)
A4 board needed to restore my TS-1379A

ts1379-a4-01.JPG (16676 bytes)
A4 board - reverse side

ts1379-a6-01.JPG (141186 bytes)
A6 board - it has the same coils and I could use them to make an A4 board.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Spectrum Analyzer TS-1379A/U is a sensitive, high resolution test instrument of the automatic scanning, superheterodyne receiver type. The primary application is in testing Single Side Band (SSB) transmitters and receivers for measurement of third order distortion of the transmitted or received signal. 
    The Spectrum Analyzer permits analysis of one or many signals simultaneously, Each signal within the band scanned (sweep width) is displayed on the CRT element as one of a series of "pips". The pip amplitude indicates the signal level. The pip position along the horizontal axis indicates the signal frequency. 
    Any one of six parts of the RF band - the "Band Scanned" - within the 2mc - 30mc range of the Analyzer may be selected by means of the Band Selector tunable oscillator, and the "Scanning Width" may be selected by the Sweep Width Selector. The Sweep Width Selector positions provide eight different degrees of frequency separation of the signal display. A preset operating mode automatically adjusts Sweep Width, Gain, Resolution, and Scanning Rate at each one of the Sweep Width positions. 
    The Band Selector tunable oscillator is a high stability continuous tuning signal generator designed to provide local injection signals over the frequency range of 2. 5mc to 30mc. It is a fully transistorized, precision, variable capacitor tuned oscillator. The 0. 3 volts rms output signal is the first local oscillator in the heterodyne system. The tunable oscillator is free from spurious signals, hum and noise are suppressed at least 60db below signal level. The unit is particularly suitable for use in intermodulation testing. 
   The Spectrum Analyzer is also valuable for monitoring a frequency band for the appearance of or disappearance of and shift of signals. A display of frequency distribution can be obtained by selecting the Sweep Width, bringing the "Scanned Band" into the narrowest position (150cps) to enable examination of signals so closely adjacent in frequency that their corresponding "pips" normally are merged together. At this reduced Sweep Width (150cps) signals with an amplitude ratio of 60db separated by 50cps are clearly indicated. One of the internal self-checking features, the Internal Dual Frequency RF Test, simulates such a test.

CV-2353/U Frequency Converter
cv2353-1210-01.JPG (546220 bytes)

Range extender for TS-1379 spectrum analyzer
adds 100cps-2mc coverage



Download manual (pdf)
(thanks to Elden Meyer)

cv2353-1210-02.JPG (368146 bytes)


CV-2353A/U Frequency Converter
cv2353a-u-01.jpg (64942 bytes)

Range extender for TS-1379A spectrum analyzer
adds 100cps-2mc coverage

Please send e-mail if you have a manual or any info.

Available from 

See manual for CV-2353 above - not the same, but operation is similar



Two-tone Signal Generators

O-579/URT & O-579A/URT
two-tone AF & RF test generator

o579-urt-01.JPG (88416 bytes)

o579-urt-03.JPG (126216 bytes) Two-tone test generator - used with spectrum analyzer in non-synthesized FRT-39 and FRT-40


TMC model TTG (O-579)

TMC model TTG-2 (O-579A)

manual & spec sheets thanks to K4OZY

SG-376/U Two-tone test generator
sg376-u-01.jpg (19887 bytes)

Used with TS-1379A
Transistorized two-tone IF Signal Generator for testing SSB equipment. Has two 20 - 20Khz audio oscillators and two independent IF oscillators. IF outputs 497.5, 498.5, 501.5, or 502.5Khz . Output levels 2-2.5 V into 600 ohms (AF); 1-1.25 V into 60 ohms (IF) with attenuation to 100 db in 1 or 10 db steps. The AF and IF signal outputs are independent of each other. Generates two separate AF signals which can be used independently, one at a time, or both can be added for simultaneous use. It also generates four different, unmodulated IF signals which are available independently, one at a time, or in specific pairs simultaneously. Available from 
sg376a-1407-01.jpg (43881 bytes)
sg376a-1407-03.jpg (53909 bytes)  NAVSHIPS 0969-245-9010 --

SG-823/URM-144 Two-tone RF generator
sg823-urm144-02.jpg (73839 bytes)

sg823-urm144-03.jpg (63970 bytes) NAVSHIPS 0967-374-3010
manual available from 

Also check there for equipment

sg823-1407-03.jpg (266629 bytes)
sg823-1407-01.jpg (39663 bytes) sg823-1407-02.jpg (42132 bytes) -- --

RF Signal Monitors

Field Strength Meter

urm50-01.jpg (112157 bytes)

urm50-04.jpg (67060 bytes)
accessory case
300 kc - 400 mc TRF receiver

used with external antenna or handheld RF sniffer to tune & monitor transmitters

  • IM-84/URM-50 FSM
  • accessory case
  • remote meter
  • RF sniffer coil
  • mast-mounted antenna

schematic - download 0.3 MB pdf

manuf National

NAVSHIPS 91946 - 
download 28 MB pdf

urm50-02.jpg (138429 bytes)

Tuning dial mechanism


urm50-gear-02.JPG (2815014 bytes) urm50-gear-01.JPG (3244994 bytes)

OCT-2 (cabinet)
OCT-3 (rack mount)
Frequency Shift Monitor

oct-3-02.jpg (42148 bytes)
two OCT-3 new in crate -

1-26 mc receiver with FSK deviation meter to measure RTTY shift

comprises CHZ-60170 receiver
Senses RF in transmitter room or uses external antenna
- see pp 172-173 of "RTTY from A to Z"


OCT-2 (cabinet) and OCT-3 (rack mount) are a 1947 contract. There was an earlier OCT with a different design before this model. It is used to monitor FSK shift in RTTY transmitters. It is basically a superhet receiver with two limiters and a discriminator whose output is supplied to a VTVM which indicates the amount of frequency shift. The audio output (phones) comes from the discriminator to aid in tuning, so it is essentially an FM receiver, not useful for AM or CW.

manuf - Hazeltine

NAVSHIPS 91131 - download

OCT-2 schematic

oct3-1808-01.jpg (267722 bytes) oct3-1808-02.jpg (230973 bytes) oct3-1808-03.jpg (214969 bytes) oct3-1808-05.jpg (251012 bytes)
oct3-1808-06.jpg (306505 bytes) oct3-1808-07.jpg (191287 bytes) oct3-1808-08.jpg (210955 bytes) oct3-1808-09.jpg (177701 bytes)


DA-75/U Dummy Loadda75-u-1807.jpg (111720 bytes)

1.3-1000 MHz
1000 W
50 ohms
-- --

DA-88A/U Dummy Load
da88a-1506-01.JPG (400844 bytes)


50 ohms


da88a-1506-04.JPG (320071 bytes) da88a-1607-01.jpg (317630 bytes)
da88a-1506-05.JPG (303126 bytes) da88a-1607-02.jpg (312053 bytes) da88a-1506-03.JPG (248708 bytes)

DA-173/GRM-10 Dummy Load & Wattmeter
da173-grm10-06.JPG (69004 bytes)

2-30 mc, 1000w
Bird Model 694

da173-grm10-02.JPG (92307 bytes)

da173-grm10-03.JPG (102933 bytes)

da173-grm10-05.JPG (37786 bytes)

da173-grm10-04.JPG (96374 bytes)

DA-242A/U Dummy Load
da242a-2006-01.jpg (236927 bytes)

2000 Watts


da242a-2006-02.jpg (168367 bytes)



da242a-2006-03.jpg (51229 bytes) da242a-2006-04.jpg (75959 bytes)

DA-274/U Dummy Load
da274-1905-01.jpg (190163 bytes)

da274-1905-02.jpg (256109 bytes)
600 Watts
da274-1905-03.jpg (293837 bytes)
da274-1905-04.jpg (223721 bytes)

DA-412A/U Dummy Load
da412a-u-91.jpg (25174 bytes)

da412a-u-92.jpg (34022 bytes)

da412a-u-95.jpg (92430 bytes)

DC-3000 mc, 600w

da412a-u-93.jpg (24887 bytes)


da412a-u-94.jpg (58698 bytes)
da412a-1506-01.JPG (118174 bytes) da412a-1506-02.JPG (240011 bytes) -- --

DA-484/URT Dummy Load

10kw air-cooled 2-30 mc - 5' tall cabinet  with a large fan in the bottom and 24 ea. 300 ohm resistors in the top portion.

da484-urt_5344.JPG (2631212 bytes) da484-urt_5341.JPG (2173333 bytes) da484-urt_5343.JPG (2459082 bytes)

DA-458/URM-86A Dummy Load
da458-urm86a-92.jpg (34998 bytes)

DA-458/URM-86A Dummy Load
used with IM-??/URM-86A meter?
da458-urm86a-94.jpg (65536 bytes)
da458-urm86a-91.jpg (30924 bytes) da458-urm86a-93.jpg (65536 bytes)

IM-89/UR SWR Meter
200-400 Mc

im89-ur-62.jpg (26245 bytes)

im89-ur-0211-1300.jpg (26842 bytes) im89-ur-63.jpg (18592 bytes) im89-ur-64.jpg (24997 bytes)
im89-ur-0211-1301.jpg (13601 bytes) im89-ur-0211-1302.jpg (28952 bytes) -- --

ME-11/U wattmeter & dummy load (15 w and 60 w scales)
(30-500 mc)

me11-u-111.jpg (17243 bytes)

me11-u-61.jpg (64298 bytes)

me11-u-63.jpg (54948 bytes)

me11-u-92.jpg (19384 bytes) me11-u-93.jpg (20913 bytes)
me11-u-66.jpg (71894 bytes) me11-u-64.jpg (64800 bytes)


me11-u-62.jpg (46628 bytes)

me11-u-65.jpg (59417 bytes)

(30-600 mc)
me11a-u-61.jpg (34994 bytes)

me11a-u-62.jpg (20660 bytes) -me11a-u-63.jpg (29888 bytes) me11a-u-64.jpg (14732 bytes)

(30-600 mc)
me11b-u-61.jpg (26941 bytes)

me11b-u-62.jpg (70756 bytes) me11b-u-63.jpg (35705 bytes) me11b-u-64.jpg (43647 bytes)

Bird 8644 20kw dummy load

water-cooled DC-800mc
8gpm minimum

IMG_5355.JPG (2731531 bytes) IMG_5356.JPG (751619 bytes) IMG_5357.JPG (582351 bytes)