Teletype Corporation Vehicles

Many thanks to Jim Haynes

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Jim says:

The Telecruiser was basically a mobile demonstration room. It was similar
to vehicles operated by other companies to take their product show to the

One of the Telecruisers went into service in 1957. The article in
Teletype News said it would be used primarily to recruit personnel,
and would visit colleges throughout the U.S. to display the company's
products. In November 1957 it toured the West Coast, mostly showing
to customers, and was going to be on a tour of the Midwestern states
in the spring. In March of 1958 it returned from a 8,000 mile tour
of Southwestern states.

In May 1966 there was a Telecruiser II about to start on a 60,000 mile
trip that will visit all 48 states. In May of 1967 it was sold, having
traveled 70,000 miles through 44 states.

The first one pictured is the original Telecruiser of 1957.
The background is the building at 4400 Fullerton Ave. where the sales
organization was at the time.