Teletype Model 28ASR Restoration Project

28ASR project - the foam sound deadening pads had turned to black sticky gunk, so I decided to take the whole thing apart to clean it and to learn about it. Photos were taken to document and refresh my memory about how things were put together - I strongly suspect I didn't take enough photos and will deeply regret it..... 

Do you have a Western Union 28ASR (with 9797-B LESU) wiring diagram? Please let me know

12/07- disassembly to clean and paint begins.

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before painting
1-30.jpg (64490 bytes)
still before painting - dog is
now Navy gray....
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1/08 - reassembly starts

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fresh Navy gray paint, 
new felt pads,
clean rack and base
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Dome with fresh paint
2-02.jpg (194917 bytes)
Western Union 9797-B LESU ("wiring cabinet")
28asr-lesu-210.JPG (160349 bytes)
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10/2011 - Back together and working (except for the busted reperf)

P1010218.JPG (57151 bytes) P1010215.JPG (75950 bytes) P1010214.JPG (1107274 bytes) Location of lamp control switch
28asr-lamp-switch.jpg (1846332 bytes)

1/08 RTTY setup with TT-176C/UG (28KSR), FRR-59, URA-8, FRR-24

2-08.jpg (173770 bytes)
It only took 100+ vacuum tubes to
receive this RTTY message...
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2-07.jpg (193661 bytes)

Reference photos - K4OZY's 28ASR