C-1004B/SG TTY Control Box

Note: CFS is the same as FSK, TONE  is the same as AFSKc1004bsg-01.JPG (57776 bytes)

Function switch positions are Tone S/R, CFS SEND, CFS REC

Function switch connects the TTY lines to the selected RTTY unit (Tone TU, CFS Keyer, CFS converter)
(unselected unit lines are shorted by the switch)

SEND terminals are connected only in "CFS SEND" position to transmit
Note - in "Tone S/R" operation, the TU automatically senses the TTY lines and controls the transmitter via PTT

Pushbutton START/STOP momentarily connects to AC SUPPLY to turn on/off transmitter power
Note: transmitter should latch START line to AC SUPPLY while power is on.

POWER ON lamp is connected between TB102-1 and TB102-4

CARRIER ON lamp is connected between TB102-1 and TB102-4 only when switch is in "CFS SEND" position

TB102 connects to the "Navy standard 6-line transmitter control cable"

c1004-101.JPG (214037 bytes)Description & Schematic from 1960 ET2 manual

Another schematic from 1963 ET3 manual

strip terminal function wire color
TB101 A +TTY wh/red
  B -TTY wh/brn
  C +CFS converter vio
  D -CFS converter wh/blu
  E +CFS keyer org
  F -CFS keyer wh/blk
  G +Tone TU brn
  H -Tone TU grn
TB102 1 START gra
  2 AC SUPPLY red
  3 STOP wh/org
  4 AC RETURN wh/gra
  5 SEND wh/grn
  6 SEND blu