AN/FRR-60 dual diversity synthesized HF receiver

This is a dual-diversity receiver made by TMC - mine was originally a single synthesizer version (TMC DDR-5A) but later converted to a dual synthesizer version (DDR-5C)

unload-03.JPG (913275 bytes)
JP uses hoist to unload the 600lb. cabinet
unload-02.JPG (913229 bytes) unload-04.JPG (1028708 bytes)
Nick & Mary rest after unloading
IMG_0004.jpg (284016 bytes)
cabinet waiting for the big move
IMG_0015.jpg (243047 bytes)
Nick built a 4' x 2' cart and loaded the cabinet onto it
.IMG_0007.jpg (272720 bytes)
Then JP, Trey and Nick rolled it down the path.....
IMG_0008.jpg (371264 bytes)
....through the woods....
IMG_0012.jpg (294466 bytes)
.....down the hill......hoping it would not get away from us and keep rolling  20' down into the creek......
IMG_0014.jpg (302962 bytes)
...and around to the bottom floor back entrance.....
IMG_0017.jpg (241002 bytes)
Success! - outside looking in
IMG_0018.jpg (209633 bytes)
on a dolly in the shack
IMG_0020.jpg (248506 bytes)
in need of  lots of cleaning
60-ne-011.JPG (193397 bytes)
After cleaning the filthy cabinet, I started cleaning the filthy wiring harness
60-ne-012.JPG (196064 bytes) 60-ne-013.JPG (172764 bytes)
Work in progress - 1 of over 100 cables....
ne-202.JPG (170840 bytes)
Much nicer!
60-ne-016.JPG (198888 bytes)
Power supply disassembled for cleaning & repair
60-ne-014.JPG (204545 bytes)
Replaced corroded, overheated wiring in power supply
60-ne-020.JPG (185839 bytes)
That looks better...
60-ne-021.JPG (175031 bytes)
Power supply re-assembled and ready
60-ne-101.JPG (183289 bytes)
Synthesizer disassembled for cleanup
60-ne-102.JPG (182258 bytes) 60-ne-103.JPG (198258 bytes)
Synthesizer modules
60-ne-104.JPG (207291 bytes)
Synthesizer MC selector switch
60-ne-105.JPG (204643 bytes)
Zillions of trimmer caps
60-ne-106.JPG (189708 bytes)
Starting re-assembly
60-ne-110.JPG (160386 bytes)
Back together with glowing Nixie tubes
 Oops - can't test the Synthesizer until I get the Tuner hooked up - it has the 28vdc p/s to run the 1mc frequency standard.
60-ne-116.JPG (187933 bytes)

60-ne-115.JPG (193680 bytes)

60-ne-113.JPG (198535 bytes)
Tuner band-change turret

60-ne-114.JPG (196099 bytes)

frr60_70.jpg (237523 bytes)
Receiver #1 - notch filter, AF strip, AF filters, p/s, speaker cleaned and working
60-ne-111.JPG (169908 bytes)
Receiver #1 - AFC, AF control, IF strip, AF strip, etc. cleaned and working - ready to start on the Synthesizer
ne-204.JPG (168568 bytes)
Receiver #1 - cleaned & working!
Amphenol 67-06C18-64S
DSC01826.JPG (3688695 bytes)
Amphenol 67-06C18-64S
DSC01827.JPG (3884427 bytes)
Amphenol 67-06C18-64P
DSC01829.JPG (3550355 bytes)
Amphenol 67-06C18-64P
DSC01830.JPG (3568291 bytes)