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Equipment I have questions about

F-1525/SR - 4-8 MHz Band Suppression Filter - Part of F-1523/SR - What was it used for?

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Teletype(?) Keyboard - what does it go to? - 1960 vintage with Teletype M15 keycaps - 
None of the Teletype aficionados recognize it - doesn't look like any MITE equipment either.
What does TAC-6 mean - a location or an equipment nomenclature?
5-wire (Baudot presumably) parallel output from microswitches, plus one switch for key-press

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WW2 era? Magic eye tube indicator - "Set gain to close indicator shadow to a fine line with equipment trained and tuned for maximum"

DF? RADAR? SONAR? Test Equipment?

See here for lots more info....

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The 07-82 issue of Monitoring Times has a brief article (see page 3) on a Navy Intelligence network out of Portsmouth NH using NBFM on 70-80 KHZ. Receivers pick up & multiply by 10 for up to 5 KHZ deviation audio - Does anyone have any info????

Box for Crypto Equipment?? or ??

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What Radio Station Sites are these?

What ship is this?

Rauland-Borg crypto mixer? part of a one-time tape crypto system? includes "PLAIN-CIPHER" switch, TD control, etc.

TTY-Rauland.jpg (84806 bytes)

Mystery Receiver
Schematic from a Navy training course showing "Typical SSB Receiver" which includes a motor-drive AFC for the HF oscillator. 
Was there ever a Navy receiver like this???
Note: it is evidently not an RCA SSB-R3 which used motor drive AFC for the IF oscillator

1966 National HF Receiver Project - Any more info?????

The progress report covers the preliminary work accomplished on a remotely tuned HF communications receiver specifically designed for use in the Navy Southern Cross advanced communications program. The equipment to be supplied under this program consists of several modules. The first of these is a remotely tuned receiver front end of superior performance. This module contains RF preselection circuits using amplifiers employing beam switching tubes in accordance with the contractor's proposal; a specially controlled first mixer injection oscillator; several signal mixers for the achievement of a final intermediate frequency of 1750 Kc; control circuits for remotely tuning the RF system; and the means for achieving the dynamic range capability of the receiver front end via a low noise first injection oscillator through oscillator drift cancellation. The remaining three modules to be delivered under the present contract are individual IF modules which will provide the intelligence bandpass filtering and the bulk of receiver gain and AGC. Two of these will be used to establish upper and lower sideband reception with nominal 3 Kc bandpasses. The third module will be set up for full four-channel reception with a nominal 12 Kc bandwidth. The individual RF and IF modules will be constructed for interface compatibility with the mechanical construction established by N.E.L. for the Southern Cross program.

What is it???  Some sort of HF receiver system with panadaptors? 
4 units showed up on ebay - one 200-500kc, the others 2-4, 4-8, 8-16 mc - those numbers are from memory - it was something like that? 
Is it a Navy system? Army, Air Force, or  AFSAV (NSA)?
Please send me e-mail if you have any info
Update - as of 5/16, Fair Radio had a LF unit for sale
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What is it? - TONE-VOICE switch housing - about 10" long, 6" wide - the missing switch handle is labeled RECEIVE 
- I've seen one somewhere but just can't recall where - some aircraft radio thing? please send e-mail if you have an ID and/or info on it.
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Navy mystery transmitter - kind of like a TBW or GO-9 layout
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Any info or photos on the following Navy prototype or limited use equipment greatly appreciated