"Mill" - Typewriter for Navy Radiomen copying CW (Morse Code) manually

A "mill" is distinguished from normal typewriters by having all caps (9 point, sans serif) and having numbers "1" and "slashed 0" on the top row.
Note: Portable models were typically used elsewhere than in the radio room, but still have the same key/type layout.

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Thanks to David Ring N1EA, you can download a mill font for Windows computers 
from https://www.qsl.net/n1ea/mill_02.ttf 
Save the file and double-click on it to install.

Copying CW before the mill - USS Walke in 1914
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Radioman at LOP (Local Operating Position) with older style mill
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Underwood mill aboard USS Massachusetts
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1966 - a more modern mill aboard USS Robert E Lee
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Another modern version aboard USS Liberty
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Yet another version aboard USS Rowan in 1969
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1959 Aboard USS Estes
agc12-59-28b.jpg (217560 bytes)
1961 Aboard USS Estes
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Underwood Model 5 mill
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1942 Underwood Model S mill
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Underwood Universal portable mill
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mill-under-1209-03.jpg (48202 bytes) mill-under-1209-02.jpg (78071 bytes) Another Photo of Underwood Universal mill
mill-under-1210-01.JPG (218381 bytes) mill-under-1312-01.JPG (491611 bytes) Radioman School - 1943-44
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Royal model KMM mill

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1940's model Royal Arrow portable mill
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mill-royal-05.JPG (444730 bytes) mill-royal-06.JPG (413222 bytes) mill-arrow-1401-01.jpg (353437 bytes) mill-arrow-1401-02.jpg (387686 bytes)
mill-royal-1302-01.JPG (517044 bytes) mill-royal-1302-02.JPG (424994 bytes) mill-royal-1704-01.jpg (241062 bytes) mill-royal-1704-02.jpg (301001 bytes)
mill-royal-1942-1310-01.JPG (390636 bytes) mill-royal-1942-1310-02.JPG (370409 bytes) mill-royal-1942-1310-03.JPG (363455 bytes) mill-royal-1942-1310-04.JPG (187616 bytes)
1940's Corona Standard portable mill

mill-corona-1604-01.jpg (160226 bytes)

mill-corona-1604-02.jpg (74192 bytes) mill-corona-1604-03.jpg (174248 bytes) mill-corona-1604-04.jpg (157577 bytes)
Remington 5 portable mill
remington-5-1604-01.jpg (217681 bytes)
remington-5-1604-04.jpg (322347 bytes) "USN" on case
remington-5-1604-03.jpg (226435 bytes)
mill-remington-1605-01.jpg (247592 bytes)
R.C. Allen mill
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More photos of mills


RIP-5 Underwood "Code Machine" - Used by intercept operators to copy Japanese Morse code - it prints Kana characters - More info, More info, More info, NCM video

Browne, Jay R., Editor. "RIP 5, The Underwood Code Machine". Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association Special Publication. 2005. 110 pp. 
From NSA article on Linguists - Katakana was usually used for sending telegrams and for Morse transmissions from ships or military units -- and was what American intercept operators meant when they said they "copied kana" or "copied kana code."

In order to provide standard representation of Japanese in intercept, OP-20-G's Laurance Safford bought and modified typewriters for intercept operators. This machine came to be called the RIP-5 and eventually was shared with the Army's SIS.

An OP-20-G history described the RIP-5 as "the kana character represented by a dot-dash combination which, in International Morse, represented a Roman letter, was printed by the type block actuated by the key, which on a normal typewriter, caused that letter to print." That is, when a Japanese clerk transmitted "-," the U.S. operator recognized it as Roman "B" and struck "B" on the RIP-5; the typewriter, however, printed out the kana character [HA] represented by "-" in Japanese.
Radio Intercept Instructions - Japanese Morse, Abbreviations, Military Terms Glossary
from Military Intelligence Service Language School, Camp Savage MN, circa 1943
 - b/w scan pdf,   grayscale scan pdf
Photos from eBay 2018 
RIP-5 based on Underwood "Model 5"
mill-kana-1806-01.jpg (506197 bytes)
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Photos from National Cryptographic Museum archives
RIP-5 based on Underwood "Model 5"
rip5-ncm02-01.jpg (561512 bytes)
rip5-ncm02-02.jpg (1043502 bytes) rip5-ncm02-03.jpg (1068380 bytes) rip5-ncm02-04.jpg (914720 bytes)
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RIP-5 based on Underwood "Master"
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rip5-ncm03-02.jpg (783162 bytes) rip5-ncm03-03.jpg (963052 bytes) rip5-ncm03-04.jpg (621325 bytes)
RIP-5 based on Underwood "Model 5"
rip5-ncm04-01.jpg (678913 bytes)
rip5-ncm04-02.jpg (893933 bytes) RIP-5 based on Underwood "Universal Portable" for shipboard Radio Intercept Unit use
rip5-ncm01-02.jpg (404661 bytes)
rip5-ncm01-01.jpg (623526 bytes)