K4NYW Message Center Project - November 2016
Work in Progress

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TTY equipment in main radio
IMG_0356.JPG (1974333 bytes)
After moving it to the new space
IMG_1503.JPG (1892352 bytes)
-- --
Step-one - clearing gear from shelves
IMG_1265.JPG (1705224 bytes)
IMG_1266.JPG (1290982 bytes) IMG_1267.JPG (1217610 bytes) and finding room for it elsewhere
IMG_1268.JPG (1392402 bytes)
cleared space
IMG_1269.JPG (1575739 bytes)
IMG_1270.JPG (1534439 bytes) paint the wall
IMG_1273.JPG (1402023 bytes)
paint the shelves
IMG_1277.JPG (1602137 bytes)
pain the deck
IMG_1279.JPG (1308187 bytes)
IMG_1280.JPG (1488119 bytes) IMG_1288.JPG (1551041 bytes) start moving TTY equipment
IMG_1287.JPG (1879818 bytes)
IMG_1289.JPG (1814574 bytes) IMG_1290.JPG (1636528 bytes) IMG_1291.JPG (1672502 bytes) IMG_1292.JPG (1495647 bytes)
IMG_1433.JPG (1843330 bytes)
IMG_1434.JPG (1812289 bytes) getting closer
IMG_1435.JPG (1874096 bytes)
IMG_1498.JPG (1757575 bytes)
April 2017 - Pretty much all set up and wired - TTY lines are run to the main radio room but I still have to hook up the audio (AN/UCC-1 VFCT multiplex).
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tty-pan-67.JPG (1543848 bytes)
Front (reperfs, patch panel, UCC-1, 28RT, message segregator)
tty-pan-66.JPG (1846208 bytes)
Note - right side shelves not set up yet - will have Wheatstone tape perforators and  high speed Morse equipment.
tty-pan-60.JPG (5903490 bytes)

tty-pan-61.JPG (5808368 bytes)

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A Greenkeys gathering at Larry Tighe's house - 29 April 2017
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John, Larry, Jack, Nick, Paul, Tom

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Paul, Nick, Tom, Larry, Jack, John

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Santa brought me a Teletype Corp. T-shirt - order your own here
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RATT NETS - 9/5/2020 - Transcontinental Military RATT (850 shift, mark low, 45 baud)
     transmitter - AN/FRT-70, receiver AN/URR-74, TU CV-3510B/UG, TTY AN/UGC-6

AN/UGC-6 (28ASR) and tapes
IMG_4786.JPG (3374228 bytes)
tapes for calling/signing
IMG_4787.JPG (3049095 bytes)
Morning - the first East coast RATT net
IMG_4790.JPG (3259603 bytes)
Evening - checked into CLATTERNET WEST - very rough conditions
IMG_4788.JPG (2520179 bytes)
C-1004B/SG send-receive control box
IMG_4777.JPG (3097393 bytes)
AN/URR-74 receiver
IMG_4791.JPG (3332573 bytes)

CV-3510B/UG Terminal Unit
IMG_4792.JPG (2177306 bytes)

AN/FRT-70 exciter section
IMG_4794.JPG (4905146 bytes)
AN/FRT-70 amp section
IMG_4793.JPG (5813213 bytes)