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MDS Codes of Prominent Naval Electronics Equipment Manufacturers

Now you can learn who REALLY made that great old "Boat Anchor" 
you've been hanging on to all these years...!

MDS Company Name 
CAC- Century Telephone Mfg. Co.
CACH- L.C. Smith-Corona Typewriters
CAG- General Radio Co.
CAGM- Radio Controls, Inc.
CAGQ- Ray Jefferson, Inc.
CAGW- Canfield Mfg. Co.
CAGY- Walter L.Schott Co.
CAHU- Trailer Co. of America 
CAIK- Robinson Aviation, Inc. 
CAIM- American Steel Package Co.
CAKB- Dielectric Products, Inc.
CALJ- Archwin Co.
CAN- Sangamo Electric Co.
CANG- Peterson Radio Co. 
CANU- Seaboard Electric Co. 
CAQF- Hamilco 
CASX- Gothard Mfg. Co. 
CAU- Triumph Electric Co.
CAY- Westinghouse Co.

CBF- Burke Electric Co.
CBGX- Midwest Engineering & Development
CBLC- Loral Electronics
CBM- Submarine Signal Co.
CBOR- Gonsett 
CBR- Burgess Battery Co.
CBXK- McCoy Electronics 
CBY- Aircraft Radio Corp. 

CC- Continental Electric Co.
CCI- Communications Co., Inc.
CCJ- Henry R. Crowley Co. 
CCL- Century Electric Co.
CCR- Chisholm-Ryder Co.
CCSZ- Inland Electronics Corp.
CCT- Stromberg Carlson Co. 
CCY- Cinandagraph Speakers, Inc.

CD- Cornell-Dubilier Electric Co.
CDC- Dictograph Products Co.
CDE- Air Track Mfg. Co.
CDI- David Bogen, Inc.
CDMR- Weston Electric Co.

CE- E. J. Simon
CEA- Bendix (Eclipse-Pioneer)
CEB- Hugh H. Eby, Inc.
CED- Cannon Electric Development Co.
CEE- Thomas A. Edison Co.
CEJ- E. F. Johnson Co.
CEK- Eicor Corp. 
CER- Erie Resistor Co.
CES- Electric Storage Battery Co.
CEX- Emerson Radio & Phonograph Co.

CF- deForest Radio Tel. & Tel. Co.
CFC- Ferris Instrument Co.
CFD- Federal Mfg. & Engineering
CFE- Fada Radio
CFJ- Fairchild Aviation
CFL- Fred M. Link
CFM- Froiland Mfg. Co.
CFN- Farnsworth Tel. & Radio Corp.
CFT- Federal Telephone & Radio Corp.
CFU- Tillotson Furniture Co.
CFW- F. W. Sickles Co.

CG- General Electric Co.
CGC- General Control Co.
CGE- Guardian Electric Co.
CGQ- Garod Radio Corp.
CGU- Bogue Electric Co.

CH- Signal Engineering & Mfg. Co.
CHC- Hammerlund Mfg. Co.
CHD- Hardwick-Hindle, Inc.
CHF- Howard Co. (xtals)
CHS- Hygrade-Sylvania Electric Co.
CHY- Hytron Corp.
CHZ- Hazeltine Electronics Corp.

CIA- Dumont Radio & Aircraft Corp.
CIH- Hamilton Radio Corp.
CIR- International Resistance Co./IRC
CJB- Jesse Bunnell
CJM- Janette Radio Co.
CJP- J. P. Seeburg
CKB- Mission Bell Radio Mfg. Co. (later Hoffman)
CKG- Kellog Switchboard & Supply Co.
CKP- Air King Products

CL- Fritz Lowenstein
CLB- Clough-Brengle
CLG- Electronic Laboratories
CLO- Louthan Mfg. Co.

CM- Marconi Wireless Tel. of America (later Bendix Marine Division)
CMA- P. R. Mallory Co.
CMD- Midwest Radio Co.
CMG- Cinch Mfg. Co.
CML- Meissner Mfg. Co.
CMO- Miler Rubber Co.
CMX- Magnevox Co.

CN- National Electric Supply Co.
CNA- National Company
CNC- National Carbon Co.
CNM- National Mineral Co.
CNR- Northern Radio Co.
CNY- North American Phillips Co., Inc.
CNZ- National Fabricated Products, Inc.

COA- Abbott Instruments
COC- Oak Mfg. Co.
COL- Collins Radio Co. 
CPH- American Phenolic Co. (Amphenol)
CPQ- Speer Resistor Corp.
CPR- Philco Radio
CQA- Astatic Corp.
CQC- Admiral Corp.
CQE- Bell Sound System

CRC- R.C.A. Radiotron Div.
CRM- Radiomarine Co.
CRR- Bendix Radio Division
CRV- R.C.A. Victor, Camden, NJ & Indianapolis, Ind. 
CRZ- Consolidated Radio Products

CSA- Stackpole Carbon Co.
CSE- Signal Electric Mfg. Co.
CSF- Sprague Specialties Co. (Sprague Electric)
CSJ- Stupakoff Ceramic & Mfg. Co.
CSL- Solar Mfg. Co.
CSX- Selector Mfg. Co.

CT- Federal Telegraph Co.
CTB- The Bristol Co. of Waterbury, Conn.
CTC- Chicago Telephone Supply Co.
CTD- Tobe-Deutschmann
CTE- Telephonics Corp.
CTJ- Electronic Corp. of America
CTK- Technical Device Corp.
CTL- Tung-Sol Co.
CTU- Triumph Mfg. Co.
CTX- Trimm Mfg. Co.

CUE- United Electronics Co.
CUF- Ucinite Mfg. Co.
CUL- University Laboratory
CUO- General Electronics
CUT- United Transformer Co.

CV- Weston Instrument Co.
CW- Western Electric Co.
CWI- Washington Institute of Technology
CWL- Westinghouse Lamp Div. CWL-803 = VT-106
CWP- Winship Co.
CWS- Stewart-Warner Corp.
CYV- Press Wireless Co.
CZC- Scott 
CZR- Zenith Radio 

Company Name MDS Code 
Abbott Instruments COA- 
Admiral Corp. CQC- 
Air King Products CKP- 
Air Track Mfg. Co. CDE-
Aircraft Radio Corp. CBY- 
American Phenolic Co./Amphenol CPH-
American Steel Package Co. CAIM-
Archwin Co. CALJ-
Astatic Corp. CQA- 

Bell Sound System CQE- 
Bendix/Eclipse-Pioneer CEA- 
Bendix Marine Division CM-
Bendix Radio Division CRR- 
Bogue Electric Co. CGU- 
Burgess Battery Co. CBR-
Burke Electric Co. CBF- 

Canfield Mfg. Co. CAGW- 
Cannon Electric Dev. Co. CED- 
Century Electric Co. CCL- 
Century Telephone Mfg. Co. CAC- 
Chicago Telephone Supply Co. CTC-
Chisholm-Ryder Co. CCR- 
Cinandagraph Speakers, Inc. CCY- 
Cinch Mfg. Co. CMG-
Clough-Brengle CLB- 
Collins Radio Co. COL- 
Consolidated Radio Products CRZ- 
Continental Electric Co. CC- 
Communications Co., Inc. CCI- 
Cornell-Dubilier Electric Co. CD-

David Bogen, Inc. CDI- 
DeForest Radio Tel. &amp; Tel. Co. CF- 
Dictograph Products Co. DC- 
Dielectric Products, Inc. CAKB- 
Dumont Radio &amp; Aircraft Corp. CIA- 

E. F. Johnson Co. CEJ- 
E. J. Simon CE- 
Hugh H. Eby, Inc. CEB- 
Eicor Corp. CEK- 
Electric Storage Battery Co. CES- 
Electronic Corp. of America CTJ- 
Electronic Laboratories CLG- 
Emerson Radio &amp; Phonograph Co. CEX- 
Erie Resistor Co. CER-

Fairchild Aviation CFJ- 
Ferris Instrument Co. CFC- 
Federal Mfg. &amp; Engineering CFD- 
Fada Radio CFE- 
Farnsworth Tel. &amp; Radio Corp. CFN- 
Federal Telegraph Co. CT- 
Federal Telephone &amp; Radio Crp. CFT- 
Fred M. Link CFL- 
Fritz Lowenstein CL- 
Froiland Mfg. Co. CFM- 
F. W. Sickles Co. CFW-

Garod Radio Corp. CGQ- 
General Control Co. CGC- 
General Electric Co. CG- 
General Electronics CUO- 
General Radio Co. CAG- 
Gonsett CBOR- 
Gothard Mfg. Co. CASX- 
Guardian Electric Co. CGE-

Hamilco CAQF-
Hamilton Radio Corp. CIH- 
Hammerlund Mfg. Co. CHC- 
Hardwick-Hindle, Inc. CHD- 
Hazeltine Electronics Corp. CHZ- 
Henry R. Crowley Co. CCJ-
Howard Co. (xtals) CHF- 
Hygrade-Sylvania Electric Co. CHS-
Hytron Corp. CHY-

Inland Electronics Corp. CCSZ- 
International Resistance Co. CIR-
J. P. Seeburg CJP- 
Janette Radio Co. CJM- 
Jesse Bunnell CJB- 
Kellog Switchboard &amp; Supply Co. CKG- 
L.C. Smith-Corona Typewriters CACH- 
Loral Electronics CBLC- 
Louthan Mfg. Co. CLO- 

Magnevox Co. CMX- 
Marconi Wireless of America CM-
McCoy Electronics CBXK- 
Meissner Mfg. Co. CML- 
Midwest Radio Co. CMD- 
Miler Rubber Co. CMO- 
Midwest Engineering &amp; Dev. CBGX- 
Mission Bell Radio Mfg. Co. (later Hoffman) CKB- 
P. R. Mallory Co. CMA- 

National Carbon Co. CNC- 
National Company CNA- 
National Electric Supply Co. CN- 
National Fabricated Products CNZ-
National Mineral Co. CNM- 
North American Phillips Co. CNY- 
Northern Radio Co. CNR- 

Oak Mfg. Co. COC-
Peterson Radio Co. CANG- 
Philco Radio CPR- 
Press Wireless Co. CYV- 

RCA Radiotron Div. CRC- 
RCA Victor Div. CRV- 
Radio Controls, Inc. CAGM- 
Radiomarine Co. CRM- 
Ray Jefferson, Inc. CAGQ- 
Robinson Aviation, Inc. CAIK- 

Sangamo Electric Co. CAN- 
Scott Company CZC- 
Seaboard Electric Co. CANU- 
Selector Mfg. Co. CSX- 
Signal Electric Mfg. Co. CSE- 
Signal Engineering &amp; Mfg. Co. CH- 
Solar Mfg. Co. CSL-
Speer Resistor Corp. CPQ-
Sprague Specialties Co. CSF-
Stackpole Carbon Co. CSA-
Stewart-Warner Corp. CWS- 
Stromberg Carlson Co. CCT- 
Stupakoff Ceramic &amp; Mfg. Co. CSJ- 
Submarine Signal Co. CBM- 
Sylvania Electric Co. CHS- 

Technical Device Corp. CTK- 
Telephonics Corp. CTE- 
The Bristol Co. Waterbury, CT CTB- 
Thomas A. Edison Co. CEE- 
Tillotson Furniture Co. CFU-
Tobe-Deutschmann CTD-
Trailer Co. of America CAHU- 
Trimm Mfg. Co. CTX- 
Triumph Electric Co. CAU- 
Triumph Mfg. Co. CTU- 
Tung-Sol Lamp Works CTL

Ucinite Mfg. Co. CUF-
United Electronics Co. CUE- 
United Transformer Co. CUT-
University Laboratory CUL- 

Walter L.Schott Co. CAGY-
Washington Inst. of Technology CWI- 
Westinghouse Co. CAY- 
Westinghouse Lamp Div. CWL- 
Western Electric Co. CW- 
Weston Electric Co. CDMR- 
Weston Instrument Co. CV- 
Winship Co, CWP-

Zenith Radio CZR-