Naval Communications Unit Midway Island - NQM

Photos and info thanks to Roger Perkins

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Receiver Site, Eastern Island


Another photo of Receiver Site showing microwave links back to Control on Sand Island mid-EasternIS.jpg (85568 bytes)
Eastern Island
"Eastern Island, the smaller of the two Midway Islands inside the beautiful Atoll.  The RX site on Eastern was located approx bottom center, just below the runways that were abandoned after WWII was over.   If you look carefully, there are signs of HF antennas, the tropo scatter arrays (operated then by PAGE, a private contractor).  The tropo sites used huge collinear arrays held up by many 350 foot towers.   They ran a lot of power generated just below 50 Mhz, using a ring of 3cx2500A3 tubes, and of course the result bounced off of meteor trails on the way to (I think) Johnston Island/or was it Guam?   I’ll never forget the 6 foot tall pile of exhausted 3cx2500A3 tubes tossed out the back of the scatter building!

Eastern Island RX site (Not related to NSGA’s site in any way) consisted of mostly R-390 and SRR-13 era radios and complimentary RTTY convertors which we would keep tuned on HF;  8 and 12 Mhz, (16 channel mux) frequencies were commonly used between SF, Hawaii, Japan, Adak, Guam and Midway.   We had four bi directional, rhombics fixed N/S and E/W to accomplish paths.  Also had a few sleeves and conical monopoles.  The Rhombics were supported by 120 foot phone poles and had separate feed point baluns on each end.   Needless to say, the antennas and location were fantastic for hearing (and sometimes working) DX."

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Transmitter & Control Site, Sand Island
1963 Article on NAVCOMMUNIT Midway mid-RogNavy1.jpg (74169 bytes)
Roger wearing NQM patch