US Naval Communications Station Iceland

plaque-iceland-1207.JPG (107892 bytes) patch-iceland.JPG (34144 bytes) patch-iceland-1401.jpg (346273 bytes) pin-iceland-01.jpg (22466 bytes)
plaque-iceland-1303-11.JPG (228038 bytes) patch-iceland-120207.JPG (185761 bytes) patch-grindavik-01.jpg (129470 bytes) Entrance to M/W Building
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1966 Christmas Card
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October 1963 photos - Please send me e-mail if you have more information

Patch Board in Control Room
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OpCon Circuit - Air to Ground
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Passageway in M/W Building
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Test Equipment in Control
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Freq Counter
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URT-7 transmitters
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1967 Photos from John Dankovich

iceland-jd-1705-01.jpg (175113 bytes) iceland-jd-1705-02.jpg (61404 bytes) enlisted barracks, Keflavik
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Garrity receiver site which was later moved to the H1 Tropo site near the Air Force radar base
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RM3 Mike Fertig - Antenna patch panel and tty patch panel - at Garrity
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ET shack at Garrity
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 H1 Tropo site and home of the moved receiver site that was at Garrity
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 Tropo transmitter dishes
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 Navy Enlisted men's barracks on the Air Force Radar site near Keflavik
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 Radomes at the Air Force site near H1
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John and  tropo transmitter
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Info from John Cobb - "Grindavik is about 10 miles from Keflavik, on the south coast of the Reykjanes Peninsula. I was the Leading Electronics
Technician there 1970-73. TX compliment at the time included a room full of AN/FRT-39 (10 kW PEP) and FRT-40 (40 kW PEP) HF
transmitters made by Technical Materiel Corp., plus LF on AN/FRT-19 and a Continental AN/FRT-72 connected to 600 and 800-foot
insulated towers. While there we installed the first Harris/Continental auto-tune HF sets (AN/FRT-83/84/85 series) and TCI antennas to
support ASW operations."