Navy AUTODIN Equipment

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1966 RCA Engineer article pages 70-73

Photos of AN/FYA-10 equipment from Signal Corps ASC Equipment training manual (thanks to Jerry Zeisler)

Photos from USN rate training manual
autodin-01.JPG (111695 bytes)
Low-speed card configuration
autodin-02.JPG (102121 bytes)
High-speed paper tape terminal configuration
autodin-03.JPG (64193 bytes)
High-speed card and tape configuration
autodin-04.JPG (296209 bytes)
Common control net
autodin-05.JPG (275039 bytes)
Card reader
autodin-06.JPG (312947 bytes)
Paper-tape reader
autodin-07.JPG (263232 bytes)
Low-speed card punch
autodin-08.JPG (307328 bytes)
High-speed punch
autodin-09.JPG (311666 bytes)
Control keyboard
autodin-10.JPG (240147 bytes)
Page printer
autodin-11.JPG (263111 bytes)
High-speed and low-speed tape punched