Fred W. Chesson						   FILE: NAV\CAY.HTM
Waterbury, Conn.					    Rev: 10-8-1998


		 	  Westinghouse Corporation
MDS = CAY							FSC = 97942
Component     System      Description 					Date
CAY-2601      IP-501A     Ammeter (Filament Current)	 
CAY-3355      RQ	  15-1000 KC TRF Receiver, 3 RF Stages	      c 1929
CAY-3356                  HF twin to CAY-3355	
CAY-3940      RO-2	  15-1000 KC TRF Receiver, 4 RF Stages	        1930
CAY-3941		  HF twin to CAY-3940

CAY-10AGZ     MK-3,MOD-2  Bearing and Range Unit Mounting Frame
CAY-10007     TAV-2       Transportation Cart U/W 43002 Cabinet 
CAY-10022     TBK,EG-1,EH-1   Flex Shaft Coupling, U/W  21269 
CAY-10095     RBM-* 	  Mobile Receiver, Box for Spare Parts
CAY-10142     TBY-2       Equipment Crate, wood, w/handles & hasp 
CAY-10652     SR-6        Permanent Magnet
CAY-14AAC     ASB-6,7     Antenna Switching Unit 
CAY-14ABS     SR-3        Echo Box, P/O 43ADL, 1250-1350 MC
CAY-14ACL     ??          Waveguide-to-Probe Connector 
CAY-14ACM     SR-6*	  L-Band Waveguide
CAY-14029     SR-6        Duplexer, 1240-1360 MC
CAY-20ADB     TEA         Power Supply, U/W 35ABN, 35ABO 
CAY-20AFK     MK3MOD2     Power Supply, 115 VAC
CAY-20033     TBM	  TBM-1,2,TBN-1,2,3  Power Supply, 440 VAC 3 ph 
CAY-20039     TBN-1,3     Telephone Power Unit 
CAY-20084     TBW         Modulator-Power Supply, 115 VAC, 800 cps 
CAY-20084     TBW  	  Transmitter Rectifier & Modulator Unit
CAY-20086     RBM	  RBM-4 Receiver, .2-2 MC  Rectifier PS, 115 VAC
CAY-20086A    RBM	  RBM-5    "                   "       "     "  
CAY-20103     GO-9        Rectifier Unit 
CAY-20144     TBY         Vibrator Power Supply
CAY-20195     TBL-10,11   Power Supply, 220-440 VAC 3 Ph 
CAY-20228     TBK-16      Power Supply, 220-440 VAC 3 Ph  
CAY-20324     ??          Modulator-PS, (like 20084)
CAY-20594     X-TEJ       PS, 115 VAC 

CAY-21ADS     SR-6        Antenna Drive 
CAY-21036     TBK-3       Generator, 230 VDC U/W 21161 
CAY-21037     TBK-3       Gen, 230 VDC  U/W 21161 
CAY-21071     TBK-3       Gen, 115 VDC  U/W 21160 
CAY-21072     TBK-3       Gen, 115 VDC  U/W 21160 
CAY-21087     TAV-2       Gen, U/W 43002 
CAY-21160     TBK-3       Motor U/W 21071, 21072 
CAY-21161     TBK-3       Motor U/W 21036, 21037 
CAY-21229A    TBL-3       DC Motor 
CAY-21229B    TBL-6       DC Motor 
CAY-21230B    TBL-2       DC Motor 
CAY-21231A    TBL-3       AC Motor 
CAY-21232     TBL-2       DC Gen 
CAY-21232A    TBL-2       DC Gen
CAY-21233     TBL-2       AC/DC Gen
CAY-21234     TBL-2       Motor Starter 
CAY-21234A    TBL-3       M-S
CAY-22058     TBL	  M-S
CAY-23235A    TBL-3       M-S
CAY-21240     TBK-5,7     Gen
CAY-21241     TBK-5,7     DC Gen
CAY-21242     TBK-5,7     M-G, incl 21240, 21241 
CAY-21243     TBK-5       Motor U/W 21240, 21241 
CAY-21244     TBK-5       Motor U/W 21240, 21241 
CAY-21245     TBK-6       Motor U/W 21240, 21241 
CAY-21246     TBK-6       DC Gen
CAY-21247     TBK-6       DC Gen
CAY-21248     TBK-6       Motor, U/W 21246, 21247 
CAY-21249     TBK-5       M-S, 440V 3-phase 
CAY-21250     TBK-5       M-S 
CAY-21251     TBK-5       M-S
CAY-21252     TBK-6       M-S
CAY-21253     TBK-6       M-S
CAY-21304     TBK-7       M-S, u/w 21242 
CAY-21387     RBM 	  RBM-4 Receiver, 12 V Dynamotor 
CAY-21387A    RBM-5       Dynamotor, Modified 21387 
CAY-21401     TBK-9       M-Gen, 115 VDC 
CAY-21402     TBK-9       M-G, 230 VDC 
CAY-21403     TBK-9       M-G, 220/440 VAC 3-Phase 
CAY-21409     TBK-9,TBM-4 M-S, 115 VDC 
CAY-21410     TBK-9       M-S 
CAY-21411     TBK-9,TBM-6 M-S
CAY-21412     TBK-9       M-S
CAY-21417     TCE         M-S
CAY-21418     ???         M-S
CAY-21420     ???         M-S
CAY-21425     TBL-5       M-S
CAY-21426     TBL-5       M-S
CAY-21426A    TBL-6,7     M-G
CAY-21427     TBL-5       M-G
CAY-21428     TBL-5       M-G
CAY-21428A    TBL-6,7,13  M-G
CAY-21446     ???         DC Gen
CAY-21500     TAB-5       M-S
CAY-21501     TAB-5       M-S
CAY-21502     TAB-5       M-S
CAY-21503     TAB-5       M-S
CAY-21511     TBM-6       M-S
CAY-21517     TBK-11      DC Gen
CAY-21518     TBK-11      DC Gen
CAY-21521     TBK-11      M-G
CAY-21522     TBK-11      M-G
CAY-21609     TBK-11      Magnetic Controller 
CAY-21610     TBX-11      M-S
CAY-21637     TCE-1       M-Gen
CAY-21644     TBK-11      Magnetic controller 
CAY-21654     TBW         M-S
CAY-21666     TBM-7,TBK-13  Mtr-Gen
CAY-21667     TBK-13      M-S
CAY-21668     TBM-8       M-S
CAY-21669     TBM-7       M-S
CAY-21671     TBK-11      M-G
CAY-21675     TBK-13,20   M-Gen, 115 VDC 
CAY-21676     TBK-13,20   M-Gen, 230 VDC 
CAY-21677     TBK-13,15,18  M-G, 220/440 VAC 
CAY-21678     TBM-7       M-Gen
CAY-21679     TBK-13,20   DC Gen, P/O 21676 
CAY-21680     ???         DC Gen
CAY-21696     TBU-3       M-S
CAY-21713     TBL-6,7,12  M-Gen
CAY-21714     TBL-6,7,12  M-S
CAY-21715     TBL-6       M-S
CAY-21716A    TBL-7       M-S
CAY-21773     ASB	  Cooling Fan for ASB-7 Xmitter  115 V, 800 C
CAY-21848     TDE	  Transmitter Power Unit, 115 VDC
CAY-21849     TDE 	  Power Unit, 230 VDC
CAY-21846     TCE-2       M-Starter
CAY-21850     TDE 	  Power Unit, 220/440 V 60 C, 3-Phase
CAY-21873     ??          M-Starter

CAY-22058*    GF-1,RU-3	  Meter
CAY-22135*    GO-7,RAE	  Meter
CAY-22285      ?	  DB Meter, 3" dial  Westinghouse NC-35
CAY-22316     ZA 	  ILS Indicator
CAY-23ABM     ASB-6,7     Control Unit 
CAY-23AHW     SR-3        Control-Indicator 
CAY-23005     TBK-6       Xmtr Control
CAY-23055     TBK         JnBx 
CAY-23070  TBM-1,TBN-1,3  Xmitter Controls 
CAY-23072     TBN-1,3     Master Monitor 
CAY-23076     TBM-1,TBN-1 Xmtr Control
CAY-23077     TBM-1,TBN-1 Xmtr Control
CAY-23078     TBN-1       Power Transfer
CAY-23084     TBK-4       Xmtr Control
CAY-23094     GP-3        Pilot's Control
CAY-23095     GP-3        Radio Operator's Control 
CAY-23099     TBK-6       Remote Control
CAY-23100     TBK-6       Xmtr Control
CAY-23101     TBK-6       Power Transfer Panel 
CAY-23102     TBK-6       Power Distribution Panel 
CAY-23219     GP-7        Pilot's Control Box 
CAY-23220     GP-7        Operator's Control Box 
CAY-23245     TCE-2       Xmtr Control Box
CAY-23278     RBM	  RBM-4 Receiver, Control Unit, 115 VAC
CAY-23278A    RBM	  RBM-5 Receiver, Control Unit, 115 VAC
CAY-23304     TBN	  TBN-1 Control
CAY-23304A    TBN	  AF Amp Control
CAY-23305     TDE         Xmtr Control
CAY-23346     TCE         Xmtr Control 
CAY-23381     TDE-1       Xmtr Control 
CAY-23442     TBW         Xmtr Control & Keying Unit 

CAY-24084     TBK         Power Transfer Panel 
CAY-24084A    TBK-11      Power Transfer Panel 

CAY-26013		  Miniature (1.5" cube) field key, with R-T Switch

CAY-29290     TDE         Motor Starter 
CAY-29292     TDE-1       M-S
CAY-29293     TDE         M-S

CAY-30AAR     ??          Voltage Regulator 
CAY-30286     TBK-5       Auto-Transformer 
CAY-30311     ASB	  ASB-7 Power Supply Choke
CAY-303936    SR-*	  Line Xformer

CAY-35ABN     TEA         Oscillator, 15-54.5 MC, 2 KW (50AFD, 35ABP, 20ADB) 
CAY-35ABO     TEA         RF Oscillator 40-120 MC, 2 KW 
CAY-35ACH     SR-3        Radar Trigger Unit, U/W 50AHE 
CAY-35ACJ     SR-3        Radar Xmitter/Oscillator, 1244-1350 MC
CAY-35ACP     SR-6        RF Oscillator, 1244-1350 MC

CAY-40143     RT-64/APQ-15	Blower Motor Thermostat Switch	 
CAY-4218      TAR-2       Xmitter, 300-600 KC, 4-18.1 Mc A1,A2 
CAY-4222      TAR-2       Filter  

CAY-43ADL     SR-3        Radar, 1250-1350 Mc 
CAY-43ADV     SR-6        Radar Set, incl. 14ABS, 35AP* ,46AEG, 50AHR 
CAY-43002     TAV-2       Transceiver, 2-4.525 MC, CW/MCW, 20 W, Batt Pwr 
CAY-43007     TBY,-1,2    Transceiver, 28-80 MC
CAY-43007*    TBY 	  Receiver-Transmiter, 20-40 MC
CAY-43107     RBM-?

CAY-46AAM     ASB-6       Aircraft Radar Receiver, abt 530 MC
CAY-46ACE     ASB-7       Aircraft Radar Receiver   "
CAY-46AEG     SR-3        Radar Receiver, P/O 43ADL 
CAY-46AEG-1   ??          Classified 
CAY-46007     GK-1        Rcvr, 15-1000 KC, 6-Band A1,A2,A3  
CAY-46009     GK-1        Rcvr, 100-1000 KC, 3-Band A1,A2,A3 
CAY-46076     RBM-4 	  Receiver, .2-2 MC
CAY-46076A    RBM-5       Rcvr, 200-2000 KC, 4-Band A1/A2/A3  
CAY-46077     RBS	  Rcvr, 200-2000 KC
CAY-46078     RBM-4 	  Receiver, 2-20 MC
CAY-46078A    RBM-5       Same as 46078 exc. incl. 46076A,46077A 
CAY-4710x     GP	  GP-6 Xmitter LF Tuning Unit     
CAY-47103     GP-3        Antenna Loading Coil 
CAY-47104     GP-3        Tuning Unit Container 
CAY-47123     GP-4        Tuner Assembly "A"  350-800 KC
CAY-47124     GP-7        Tuning Unit Container, (aluminum) 
CAY-47125     GP-7        Antenna Loading Coil, 350-540 KC
CAY-47150,A  GP-5,TCE,-1  Tuning Unit, 350-825 KC	Range A
CAY-47150AS   TCE-2       Tuning Unit, 350-800 KC	Range A
CAY-47151     TCE,-1,GP-7 Tuning Unit, 800-1500 KC	Range B
CAY-47151AS   TCE-2       Tuning Unit, 800-1500 KC	Range B
CAY-47152     GP-7 	  Tuning Unit, Range "D"  2800-4575 KC
CAY-47152A    GP-7        Tuning Unit, 3000-4525 KC	Range D 
CAY-47152AS   TCE-2       Tuning Unit, 3000-4525 KC	Range D 
CAY-47153     GP-7 	  Tuning Unit, Range "E"  4.3-6.8 MC
CAY-47153     TCE,-1      Tuning Unit, 4525-6500 KC	Range E 
CAY-47153A    GP-7        Tuning Unit, 4525-6000 KC	Range E 
CAY-47153AS   TCE-2       Tuning Unit, 4525-6500 KC	Range E 
CAY-47154     GP-7 	  Tuning Unit, Range "F"  6-9.1 MC
CAY-47154     TCE,-1      Tuning Unit, 6200-9050 KC	Range F 
CAY-47154A    GP-7        Tuning Unit, 6200-9050 KC	Range F 
CAY-47154AS   TCE-2       Tuning Unit, 6200-9050 KC	Range F 
CAY-47155     GP-7 	  Tuning Unit, Range "C"  1300-3550 KC
CAY-47155     TCE,-1,2,GP-4A,7   Tuning Units, 1500-3000 KC    Range C 
CAY-47155S    TCE-2       Tuning Unit, 1500-3000 KC
CAY-47220     RBM,1-5     Receiver Subassy 
CAY-47226     GP-7        Tuning Unit Container, (steel) 
CAY-47481     TBM-6       Transmitter subassy 
CAY-47226  GP-7 Tuning Unit Case (Steel, not for aircraft use)

CAY-50AFC     TEA         Modulator 
CAY-50AGU     SR-A        Radar Modulator 
CAY-50AHE     SR-3        Radar Modulator, U/W 35ACH 
CAY-50AHR-1   SR-3        IF Preamp                       
CAY-50AHS     SR-3        Video Amplifier 
CAY-50AJU   MK-11,MOD-1   Target Designating Xmitter Synchro Amp
CAY-50AJV     SR-6        Control Amplifier  R/B C-491B/SPS-6 
CAY-50AJW     SR-6        Video Amplifier, U/W 46AEG,21ADS 
CAY-50065     TBM-4,5,6   Modulator, 35 W 
CAY-50066B    TBM-6       Modulator 
CAY-50325     AN/URT-2    Modulator 

CAY-52AAR     ASB	  Radar Xmtr, 509-556 MC.
CAY-52ABV     ASB-6,7     Radar Xmtr, "		"
CAY-52ACU     ASB-7	  Radar Xmtr, "		" 10 W  Ser #s 6001 - 7700
CAY-52ACV     ASB-7       Radar Xmtr, "		" 10 W  Ser #s above 7700

CAY-52008A    TBF-A       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A2 5-Band  500 W
CAY-52031     TBK-3       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1  500 W 
CAY-52032     TBK         Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1  500 W 
CAY-52046     TBN-1       Xmtr, 300-2000 KC, 6-Band, A1,A2  1 KW 
CAY-52048     TBN-3       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1,A2,A3, 2-band  500 W 
CAY-52055     TBM-3       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1,A2,A3, 2-Band  500 
CAY-52058     GP-3        Xmtr, 350-1500 & 3000-9050 Kc 
CAY-52059     TBL-2       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2,A3  200 W 
CAY-52060     TBL-2       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A2,A3  200 W 
CAY-52061     TBL-2       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A2,A3  200 W 
CAY-52064     TBK-5       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, 7-band A1  500 W 
CAY-52065     TBK-6       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, 8-band A2  500 W 
CAY-52066     TBK-6       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, 2-band A1  500 W 
CAY-52079     TBK-7       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC A1  500 W 
CAY-52082     TBL-3       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52083     TBL-3       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2,A3  200 W 
CAY-52084     TBL-3       Xmtr, 175-18100 KC, A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52119     TBW         Xmtr, 350-1000 KC, A1,A2,A3  100 W 
CAY-52120     TBW         Xmtr, 350-18100 KC, A1,A2,A3 2-Band  100 W 
CAY-52123     TDU         Xmtr, 300-2000 KC, A1,A2, 7-Band  1 KW 
CAY-52124     TBU,-2      Xmtr, 300-2000 KC, A1,A2, 7-band  1 KW 
CAY-52126     TBK-9       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1,A2,A3 3-Band  500 W 
CAY-52127     TBK-9       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1,A2,A3, 3-Band  500 W 
CAY-52128     TBK-9       Xmtr, 2-15.1 MC, 3-Band, A1,A2,A3  500 W 
CAY-52129     TCE         Xmtr, 350-9050 KC, 7-band, A1,A2,A3  125 W 
CAY-52131     TBL-5       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52131A    TBL-6       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52132     ??          Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52132A    TBL-6       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52132B    TBL-7A      Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2,A3  200 W 
CAY-52133     TBL-5       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52133A    TBL-6       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 MC A1,A2  200 W 
CAY-52151     TCE-1       Xmtr, 350-9050 KC, A1,A2,A3 6-Band  125 W 
CAY-52151AS   TCE-2       Xmtr, 350-9050 KC, A1,A2,A3 6-band  125 W 
CAY-52164     TAB-5       Xmtr, 100-555 KC, A1,A2  2 KW
CAY-52165     TAB-5       Xmtr, 100-555 KC, A1,A2  2 KW 
CAY-52169   TBK-11,TBM-6  Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1, 500 W 
CAY-52170     TBK-11      Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1, 3-Band  500 W
CAY-52171     TBM-5       Xmtr, 2-18.1 MC, A1,A2,A3, 3-Band  500 W 
CAY-52172     ??          Sonar Xmtr, 17-25 KC, 20 W 
CAY-52173*    GP-7        Xmtr, 0.2 - 9.0 MC
CAY-52192     GO-9        Xmtr, 300-600 KC, A1,A2 
CAY-52193     GO-9        Xmtr, 3-18.1 MC A1,A2 
CAY-52223     TBU-1       Xmtr, 0.3-2 MC A1,A2  1 KW, 220 VAC 60 Cps 
CAY-52224     TBU-3       Xmtr, 0.3-2 MC A1,A2  1 KW, 220/440 VAC 60 cps 
CAY-52225     TBU-3       Xmtr, 0.3-2 MC A1,A2  1 KW, 220/440 VAC 60 cps 
CAY-52227     TBU-1       Xmtr, 0.3-2 MC A1,A2  1 KW, 230V DC 
CAY-52238     TBW-2       Xmtr, 350-1000 KC 6-Band MO A1,A2,A3  100 W 
CAY-52239     TBW-2       Xmtr, 3.-18.1 MC 5-Band  MO A1,A2,A3  100 W 
CAY-52247     TBL-7       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 Mc, 2-Band  100 W 
CAY-52248     TBL-7       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 Mc, 2-Band  200 W 
CAY-52249     TBL-7       Xmtr, 175-600 KC & 2-18.1 Mc, 2-Band  200 W 
CAY-52267     TDE         Xmtr, .3-18.1 MC 2-Band MO, A1,A2,A3  125 W 
CAY-52267A    TDE-1,2,3   Xmtr, .3-18.1 MC 2-Band MO, A1,A2,A3  125 W 
CAY-52272     TBU-4       Xmtr, 0.3-2 MC A1,A2  1 KW 
CAY-52273     TAB-6       Xmtr, 100-550 KC A2,A9 MO  2 KW 
CAY-52373B    TED-2,3     Xmtr, 225-400 MC A2,A3, Xtal Control  15 W 

CAY-53AAF     SR-6*	  RF Line Filter	
CAY-62AAV     ASB-3,5     Terminal Box
CAY-66AKW     SS          Antenna Feed/Rreflector, P/O 66AKX 
CAY-66ALO     SR-6        Dipole Antenna, 1220-1380 MC
CAY-66AMD     SR-3        Antenna U/W MK-3 IFF 
CAY-66AME     SR-3        Antenna U/W MK-5 IFF 
CAY-66AMV     SR-6        Antenna 
CAY-66AMW     SR-6        Antenna, MK3 
CAY-66025     TBP         Whip Antenna, 28-65 MC
CAY-67AAD     SR          Pulse-Forming Network, P/O 43ACM 
CAY-73001     TBW         Gasoline Engine Generator 
CAY-73004     TBW         "	"	"	"

		WW-Two Era Experimental Equipment 

CXAP  Aircraft Xmtr & Intercom, 540-1500, 3000-9050 KC, 85 W 28 VDC
CXED  Portable Amphib Rcvr., - cancelled.
CXEC  Portable Amphib Rcvr., 2-20 MC, experimental Model RCR
CXEB  Portable Amphib Rcvr., Portable, 200-2000 KC, exp. Model RCQ
CXEF  Portable Amphib Rcvr., - cancelled.
CXEE  Portable Amphib Rcvr., - cancelled.
CXEQ  Portable Aircraft Early Warning Radar - USMC
CXCB  Search Radar, 175-225 MC, 300 KW, S/T XFB
CXBQ  Shipboard X-Band Surface Search Radar
XQ    Facsimile Set, Cancelled, reassigned as PB.

			*	*	*