Unknown US Navy Radio Station Transmitter Site 1950's

These photos came from the estate of an RM who had supposedly been at Great Lakes, Jacksonville, and Guantanamo in the early 1950's-

It isn't Gitmo - I am guessing Jacksonville because of the pine trees and flat landscape - any info would be greatly appreciated.

And any identification of this equipment would be greatly appreciated, too.

xmtr-site-101.JPG (198912 bytes)
xmtr-site-102.JPG (249298 bytes)
xmtr-site-103.JPG (244193 bytes)
3- Tech control with RBS monitor receiver
xmtr-site-104.JPG (302379 bytes)
4- Collins xmtrs, 
TDO? 2mc-18.1mc 
xmtr-site-105.JPG (292809 bytes)
xmtr-site-106.JPG (248309 bytes)
6- TEG-1 200kc-18.1mc
xmtr-site-107.JPG (91755 bytes)
7- TCK-4 or TCK-6
xmtr-site-107a.JPG (69633 bytes)
7A- TCK-4 or TCK-6
xmtr-site-108.JPG (236576 bytes)
8- TEG-1 200kc-18.1mc
xmtr-site-109.JPG (187333 bytes)
xmtr-site-110.JPG (196856 bytes)

xmtr-site-111.JPG (321080 bytes)

xmtr-site-112.JPG (256883 bytes)12-