NAVCOMMSTA Washington DC 1945

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July 28, 1945 - WAVES "PASS THE WORD" - Speed is the byword in modern warfare And in no branch of the armed services is it more 
vital than in communications. Equally important in this aspect of warfare is accuracy, Both speedy and accurate are the WAVES who "man" 
Naval Communications at Washington, DC - heart of the Navy's far-flung communications network. Through their hands flows the unending
stream of messages attendant upon the prosecution of the war. Replacing male experts needed at sea or at distant bases, the alert, competent
members of the Women's Reserve are "passing the word" for the man behind the guns.

A vital section of Naval Communications is Radio Central. At the control board are Telegrapher First Class Jeanne Hunt (left) of Fostoria, O.,
and Telegrapher Second Class June Foss of Pittsburgh, Pa.